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Hotel Dieu Shaver Updating Masking Guidelines

Posted Apr 24th, 2023 in News

Following guidance from Public Health Ontario, effective Monday, May 1, 2023, Hotel Dieu Shaver will begin Phase 1 of modifying mandatory universal masking requirements, starting with areas where there is no direct patient contact.

Visitors are encouraged to mask in areas where they are in direct contact with patients, in both inpatient and outpatient areas (i.e. waiting rooms, patient rooms). Visitors should not visit if they are symptomatic, or feeling unwell.

Inpatients with fever or respiratory symptoms are required to mask in all clinical and non-clinical settings (except if in an inpatient room or bed space). Outpatients are encouraged to mask in the outpatient building, particularly in waiting rooms.

Staff and physicians are still required to wear a mask when there is direct patient contact, in both inpatient and outpatient areas.

Masks are encouraged, but optional, in break rooms, charting rooms, meeting rooms, nursing stations, offices and in common non-clinical areas such as elevators, hallways and the coffee shop.

Hotel Dieu Shaver will continue to provide masks to anyone entering the hospital.

Over the next several weeks, Hotel Dieu Shaver will look to move into Phase 2, a more mask-friendly environment, when it is safe to do so. This phased approach will allow our teams time to work out masking requirements for the most vulnerable populations and will allow a careful assessment of any trends or concerns.

Click here for more information on inpatient visitation, including visiting hours.

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