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Hotel Dieu Shaver Opens Electrodiagnostic Clinic

Posted Jul 13th, 2017 in News

Hotel Dieu Shaver is pleased to introduce a new Electrodiagnostic Clinic.

The Hotel Dieu Shaver’s Electrodiagnostic Clinic offers EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies with or without Electrodiagnostic consultation. Physicians, please consider referral to evaluate:

Peripheral mononeuropathy
Peripheral Polyneuropathy
Brachial plexopathy
Cervical radiculopathy
Lumbar radiculopathy
Lumbo-sacral plexopathy
Neuromuscular junction disorders
Spearheaded by Dr. Simran Singh Basi, Hotel Dieu Shaver strives to provide the highest quality Electrodiagnostic services with a particular interest in quality improvement. Dr. Basi graduated in 2016 with a Postgraduate Degree in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from McMaster University after completing his Medical Degree in 2011 at McMaster University. Dr. Basi’s clinical interests include Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Orthopedic and Stroke Rehabilitation as well as general physiatry. 

If you have a patient that would benefit from accessing Electrodiagnotics services, our referral form is attached. 

Patients must be referred. For more information please visit our referral page:

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