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Our Mission & Values


Hotel Dieu Shaver is a community of holistic and compassionate care for all those who seek our service and for those who serve. As a Roman Catholic facility, grounded in God's love, we provide the resources and care to enable people to reach their optimal level of health and well-being.


Spirituality | We contribute to the spiritual and emotional well-being of each person by respecting their human dignity in a healing environment.

Professionalism | We use our special knowledge and expertise to provide compassionate service at the highest possible standard.

Innovation | We empower our staff to embrace new ideas and processes that create improvements in what we do.

Responsible Stewardship | We respond to community needs by balancing human needs with financial resources.

Integrity | We are consistent, honest, and respectful in all we do.

Teamwork | We commit to work with clients, families and each other to achieve our mission.


The Hotel Dieu Shaver will be a Centre of Excellence in rehabilitation, complex care, and geriatric services, and will also be an employer of choice.

We will achieve this vision by providing high quality patient services, and programs based on population health needs and best practice. We will encourage staff to be life-long learners who actively engage in research, and will also provide a stimulating learning environment for students.

St. Joseph