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Short Term Complex Medical Management

Patients are admitted to this program from an acute care hospital due to complex medical conditions. This program is aimed to help patients and their families identify strategies that will support a successful transition back into the community.

This program provides a low intensity of therapy over a longer period of time.

Complex Care Program

Patient Satisfaction Survey - CCThe Complex Care Program helps patients and their families identify strategies that support quality of life goals, as well as short-term and long-term care needs.

Patients in the Complex Care Program are provided with less intensive rehabilitation therapy, dependent upon their ability to participate.

The staff of the Complex Care unit provide highly complex care for adults with physical and cognitive conditions. Our goal is to discharge patients to the appropriate settings within the community.

The physical condition of the patients determine their participation in daily living activities. We strive to keep all patients functioning at their optimal level. To achieve this level, patients may participate in physio-, occupational, and/or recreational therapy.

Medically Complex Program

The Medically Complex Care unit is located on 2 West, and provides care to patients with complex medical conditions who are transferring from acute care.

The Medically Complex Care Program helps patients and their families identify strategies that support a successful discharge back into the community. The average stay on this unit lasts 60-90 days.

Complex medical conditions include:

  • recovery from stroke;
  • pressure ulcer and wound management;
  • general debilitation following surgery or hospitalization for medical reasons;
  • pain and symptom management;
  • other chronic medical conditions that affect physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.