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Rehabilitation - High Intensity

The goal of the Rehabilitation Programs at Hotel Dieu Shaver is to help patients attain their maximum physical, communicative, and cognitive function.

What is Rehabilitation?

Patient Satisfaction Survey - RehabRehabilitation is a progressive, dynamic, goal-oriented, and time-limited process. It enables an individual with an impairment to identify and reach his or her optimal mental, physical, cognitive, and/or social functional level.

Motivation | Will increase your ability to reach your goal.

Commitment | You and your family are encouraged to take an active role in your program, in order to achieve your goals and reach the highest possible level of independence.

Weekend Passes | These are a part of your program, and will be used as a therapeutic tool to gauge and identify problematic areas. Any concerns will be brought to the multidisciplinary team for evaluation and possible solutions.

Clothing | All clients in the rehab program are expected to have loose fitting street clothing and appropriate non-skid footwear, in order to participate fully in their therapies.

Rehabilitation - High Intensity

The inpatient active rehab unit (1 East) treats patients requiring therapy as a result of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions – for example, hip fractures, amputations, and neurological conditions such as stroke.

The goal is to help patients attain their maximum physical, communicative, and cognitive function. In addition, rehab will address their emotional, social, and spiritual needs, to help them return to living in the community as independently as possible.

The therapies provided on this unit are of high intensity and of shorter duration. The length of stay on this unit is usually 30-45 days, but can be shorter depending on the patient’s progress.

Your Rehabilitation Team at Hotel Dieu Shaver

Your Rehabilitation Team, Hotel Dieu Shaver, St. Catharines, Ontario