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  • The Outpatient Neurology Program at Hotel Dieu Shaver is an outstanding program with outstanding therapists. Physiotherapists Assunta and Nic worked with me a lot and helped me remarkably. Thank you!
  • Thank you dietary for your faithful service. Keep up the good work. I am on my way home!
  • I want to say that the environment at Hotel Dieu Shaver is amazing, and I am very happy here. The nurses, the therapists and everybody at Hotel Dieu Shaver are all upbeat and this hospital is a gem. I really enjoy working with my Patients, to help them getting healthy, and returning home with their families. I love this place!
    Phil Markham, Past Patient & Volunteer
  • In their own special ways my nurses encouraged and pushed me to work to get my knee back in action. They communicated with the OT/PT teams to meet my needs. The communication between all the teams was AMAZING. I was so happy and thankful that I even cried when I left. Thank you Hotel Dieu Shaver!
    Bev Stevenson
  • To Everyone at Hotel Dieu Shaver: I went to the hospital on April 7th to the first floor and I was treated with respect. The nurses were all very kind to me and when I called them they were there. I commend them. The meals were very good also. The girls who transported me to the therapy room were always on time and work so hard. And the girls in the therapy room treated me like a king. Encouraged me and always asked if I was tired but I said no just keep going. I was treated with great honour and respect at all times. And when I went as an outpatient they were just as kind to me. Girls I salute you for being so kind and dedicated to us. We thank you very much. Even my wife Helen and Sister Mary said that they work very hard. I was treated so good that I hated to leave. And last but not least, I must commend the Hotel Dieu Shaver for the fine treatment I received while I was there. Good luck with the new Building!
    Frank Biro

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Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre is a specialty hospital that excels in providing rehabilitation and complex care to thousands of patients across the Niagara Region.

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