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  • I am a former patient and the best, most powerful thing that was ever said to me was "You have so much we can work with to make you well". When I felt so unable, broken and disabled this inspired hope in me to carry on. #thankyouHDS #caringforpatients #yougotthis
    Kim Latour
  • A fantastic team of people helped my brother achieve what we thought might be impossible. Thank you!
    Pat McDowell-Riva
  • Honoured to call Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre my second home!!! The staff and patients make it feel that way!!!
    Laura Zanini Stronghill
  • I am rating this Rehabilitation Centre a 5 Star And this is because I first hand can say that I lived in there for about 3 months & I met the most amazing team of Doctors & Rehab workers that anyone could only be lucky to get. I was paralyzed from the neck down, I was told that I would 'never' walk again. I Went there and was helped beyond words. I am now JOGGING & WORKING OUT ON A DAILY BASIS. I still try to visit from time to time, probably to remind me of the work I had to do & people that helped me to obtain mobility back to my limbs. If it weren't for the workers pushing me & my strive for the ability to walk again I don't know or can I even imagine what it would have been like today without Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehabilitation Centre. Thanks for helping me with my quest & abilities to walk again. Your #1 in my books.
    Rob Tsanoff
  • A little progress each day goes a long way! Can’t believe I’m already this far along - the therapy staff at Hotel Dieu Shaver is absolutely the best of the best! I don’t have enough words to thank my amazing team for getting me to this point! #JerryOnTheMend