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  • Honoured to call Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre my second home!!! The staff and patients make it feel that way!!!
    Laura Zanini Stronghill
  • I am rating this Rehabilitation Centre a 5 Star And this is because I first hand can say that I lived in there for about 3 months & I met the most amazing team of Doctors & Rehab workers that anyone could only be lucky to get. I was paralyzed from the neck down, I was told that I would 'never' walk again. I Went there and was helped beyond words. I am now JOGGING & WORKING OUT ON A DAILY BASIS. I still try to visit from time to time, probably to remind me of the work I had to do & people that helped me to obtain mobility back to my limbs. If it weren't for the workers pushing me & my strive for the ability to walk again I don't know or can I even imagine what it would have been like today without Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehabilitation Centre. Thanks for helping me with my quest & abilities to walk again. Your #1 in my books.
    Rob Tsanoff
  • A little progress each day goes a long way! Can’t believe I’m already this far along - the therapy staff at Hotel Dieu Shaver is absolutely the best of the best! I don’t have enough words to thank my amazing team for getting me to this point! #JerryOnTheMend
  • My father was transferred to Shaver 10 days after his stroke. I cannot say enough about the care and concern that the staff have shown towards not just my father, but all patients. I have been there almost everyday for hours, for a week now, and I feel blessed that a place like Shaver exists. There is a culture of kindness, acceptance, and striving among all staff, and more, there's a joyfulness that is hard to find anywhere these days. When you think of the kind of help someone who has experienced a stroke needs, it is enormous, and all encompassing in so many aspects from personal hygiene to simply getting a fork to your mouth to eat. I find the professionals and staff show that they help each other out, they help patients, and they are patient with family and visitors too. I cannot say enough about HDS, and hope that other cities will use this Rehabilitation Hospital as an example of how it should be done in all cities. When there is a chance to show support for people who go above and beyond, especially in the workplace, we need to broadcast this far and wide. Please keep doing what you are doing here. If I ever have a stroke I hope that I will have the opportunity to get back on my feet here. My father's roommates are also appreciative. Kudos to HDS for exemplary support, empathy, nurturing, and a positive culture of healing.
    Karen Hogg
  • When you are sick and you need physio, go, old or young, go. I would not have walked or had use of my arms if they were not there. They work one on one and figure out your needs to help you get your body back working and guide you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Trust me, I was broken. Even the housekeeping staff are so kind and compassionate. Thank you!
    Charlayne Ames