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  • To Everyone at Hotel Dieu Shaver: I went to the hospital on April 7th to the first floor and I was treated with respect. The nurses were all very kind to me and when I called them they were there. I commend them. The meals were very good also. The girls who transported me to the therapy room were always on time and work so hard. And the girls in the therapy room treated me like a king. Encouraged me and always asked if I was tired but I said no just keep going. I was treated with great honour and respect at all times. And when I went as an outpatient they were just as kind to me. Girls I salute you for being so kind and dedicated to us. We thank you very much. Even my wife Helen and Sister Mary said that they work very hard. I was treated so good that I hated to leave. And last but not least, I must commend the Hotel Dieu Shaver for the fine treatment I received while I was there. Good luck with the new Building!
    Frank Biro
  • I am a former patient and the best, most powerful thing that was ever said to me was "You have so much we can work with to make you well". When I felt so unable, broken and disabled this inspired hope in me to carry on. #thankyouHDS #caringforpatients #yougotthis
    Kim Latour
  • A fantastic team of people helped my brother achieve what we thought might be impossible. Thank you!
    Pat McDowell-Riva
  • Honoured to call Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre my second home!!! The staff and patients make it feel that way!!!
    Laura Zanini Stronghill
  • I am rating this Rehabilitation Centre a 5 Star And this is because I first hand can say that I lived in there for about 3 months & I met the most amazing team of Doctors & Rehab workers that anyone could only be lucky to get. I was paralyzed from the neck down, I was told that I would 'never' walk again. I Went there and was helped beyond words. I am now JOGGING & WORKING OUT ON A DAILY BASIS. I still try to visit from time to time, probably to remind me of the work I had to do & people that helped me to obtain mobility back to my limbs. If it weren't for the workers pushing me & my strive for the ability to walk again I don't know or can I even imagine what it would have been like today without Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehabilitation Centre. Thanks for helping me with my quest & abilities to walk again. Your #1 in my books.
    Rob Tsanoff