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Frieda Keir - Patient Testimonial

Posted Aug 16th, 2017 in Patient

Frieda Keir - Patient Testimonial

My Mom, Frieda Keir was admitted to Hotel Dieu Shaver on April 26, 2017 and was there for just over three months.

The care she received was amazing. The nurses were kind and supportive, and always willing to answer questions. The physiotherapists, occupational therapist, dietician (Neil), staff who delivered meals, and those who cleaned were great. Always ready with a smile or a word of encouragement. One of the nurses who truly went the extra mile was Nicki. She was incredible!! The other person who made a difference was Madeleine (Charge Nurse). She was kind, understanding, patient, and walked us through some very difficult days.

I know that all of them are under a lot of stress, and often don't have enough staff but they do an amazing job in very difficult circumstances.

Thank you for taking such good care of Mom.

Nancy Carriere

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