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Employee - Meet Adrienne Yarrow

Posted Nov 30th, 2017 in Patient

Employee - Meet Adrienne Yarrow Current Position/Role: 
Rehabilitation Assistant

How long have you been with HDS?
2 years.  I have been with HDS since June 2015.  I was a student here for my second year clinical placement in the Neuro Department.    

What you like about your job: 
I am hired as a casual rehab assistant, so that makes my job interesting.  I get to work in many departments (Ortho, Neuro, In-patient, Out-patient) and this allows me to work with the different therapists and assistants.  I love being able to do that because I have learned and continue to learn so much as each therapist/assistant does things a little differently. 

Any advice for someone coming into your line of work: 
I would advise anyone coming into the profession to take their clinical placements seriously and treat them like a job interview.  You never know what connections you will make along the way and if it will lead to employment after graduation. 

I enjoy staying active and have been doing kick boxing for almost one year now.  Being healthy is important to me so I can be a good role model for the patients.  I also enjoy cooking and have been known to make some really good salted caramel sauce from scratch.

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