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Employee - Meet John Attard

Posted May 14th, 2019 in News, Patient

Employee - Meet John Attard

John will be retiring from Hotel Dieu Shaver on May 17th, 2019.

Current Position:  I was hired by Niagara Rehab as the Professional Practice Leader, Speech Language Pathology in 1997.  Since 2013 I have had one foot in early retirement and the other working part time in the General Neuro outpatient program at Hotel Dieu Shaver.  ‘Practice makes perfect’ and I’m now looking forward to the big leap into full retirement.

What is the best part about your job: Without a doubt the best part of this job was its fast pace and a constant stream of new and interesting clients many with unique challenges.  Equally, I enjoyed working with co-workers throughout the rehab centre who manage to create a positive and upbeat environment on a daily basis.  

Tell us something people many not know about Speech-language Pathology:  It’s a great profession that demands you encounter, engage and connect with people in profound ways.  Each client is different with different clinical problems, personal backgrounds and challenges to become well again. It is an art and a science and promotes life-long learning. You can’t help but be transformed yourself by the clients you work with.

What are your hobbies/interest:  The pursuit of leisure!  I love working in the garden, getting together with good friends over good food and wine, playing tennis, riding my bike in Toronto, and travelling around the world with my partner Wil.

What will you miss the most about HDS after you retire:  Working first at the Rehab, the NHS, and now Hotel Dieu Shaver, the one constant has been the many professional and welcoming colleagues with whom I have had the privilege of working.  Most of all I will miss - but never forget -  my kind and generous work mates. 

"John has been an asset to our Speech-language Pathology Program for many years. He is known for the quality of his care to patients, genuine interest in the lives of others whether patient or co-worker, his interesting travels and his clever wit. All the best to you John!

"John has been an approachable and supportive mentor to me ever since I started working at HDS many years ago and I am sure to many others.  His knowledge and positivity will be greatly missed within the SLP department."

"Although I did not get the opportunity to work with John for a long period of time, he was always a friendly and approachable colleague, often offering mentoring and just a genuinely caring person who I will always remember working with as I started my career at HDS."

"John is so full of wisdom in so many facets of life.  He has played a pivotal role in shaping me into the clinician I am today. He will be truly missed."

Happy Retirement, John!

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