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Hotel Dieu Shaver Supports Pride Month

Posted Jun 1st, 2021 in News

Hotel Dieu Shaver acknowledges and supports those celebrating Pride Month and respects the diversity and individuality of all those at Hotel Dieu Shaver and throughout the Niagara Region and beyond. At HDS, compassion and dignity encompasses all that we do and is rooted deeply in who we are.

It is important for each person who enters our facility, whether it is staff, physicians, volunteers, patients or loved ones, to know that they are appreciated, respected and valued.

The Hotel Dieu Shaver community remains committed to providing the most compassionate and inclusive environment for all of us and for the patients we serve.

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Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre is a specialty hospital that excels in providing rehabilitation and complex care to thousands of patients across the Niagara Region.

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