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Patient Story - Kathleen Mason

Posted Apr 5th, 2022 in News

Kathleen has always considered herself a nighthawk.

It was around 2:00 a.m., the morning that she slipped on her hardwood floors while putting things away around the house, and broke her femur. Up until that point, Kathleen lived on her own, cooking, ironing and cleaning (just as high as she could reach), in the house that her and her husband built a wonderful life together in.

Because she now lives alone, Kathleen’s children always made sure she had her Lifeline medical alert system handy, just in case. That morning around 2:00 a.m., when she slipped, she alerted Lifeline and help was on the way.

After undergoing surgery to repair what was deemed an unusual break, which would result in a lengthier recovery, on December 9th Kathleen was transferred to Hotel Dieu Shaver to begin her rehabilitation journey.

Because of the nature of her break, Kathleen and her family were advised that her hospital stay would be longer than average and recovery would likely be slow. It was then that Kathleen realized that the only person who could decide her recovery outcome, was her. “I knew I was only going to be hurting myself if I didn’t try, so I decided I wasn’t going to fuss and I was determined to get to know the staff,” says Kathleen.

Kathleen participates in therapy daily, completing upper body exercises specifically, as her physician has not cleared her to weight bear just yet. “Since I have come to Hotel Dieu Shaver, I have only gotten stronger - my therapist just increased my upper body weights and my exercises!”

Anyone who has assisted Kathleen during her stay at HDS has left their mark on her and their names have found their way into her journal, and her heart. “I journal everyday,” says Kathleen. “I always add the names of my care team and the staff I meet – I have over 30 names in my book!” Through tears, Kathleen expresses, “I have the highest praise for all of the staff here and I hope that everyone that has helped me knows just how appreciative I am for the exceptional care they have provided.”

Kathleen has become friends with just about everyone who has crossed her path at HDS, and has found that has really aided in her long recovery. “The therapists are so kind, the food from the dietary staff is so good, the rec therapy team is always encouraging us to go outside of our rooms and play games and I couldn’t have asked for better nursing care,” says Kathleen. “I love the housekeeping staff too; Melinda always joins in our conversations and checks in on us when she is near our room!”

Kathleen hopes she will be able to go back to her home soon, but due to its inaccessible nature, she isn’t sure yet if that will be possible. Kathleen explains, “what I do know though is, when I think of this hospital and my time spent here, I will think of the people who work here and how they treated me with such respect and kindness.”


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