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Parking Lot Paving Project

Posted Apr 12th, 2022 in News

We are pleased to share that HDS is going ahead with the significant infrastructure improvement of paving our parking lot. Although it will cause a temporary inconvenience, we look forward to a refreshed and safe parking lot for our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and their families. As a result, 19 additional parking spaces will be added, upon completion.

If you are coming to the hospital for an appointment or to a visit a patient, please familiarize yourself with the details below, to ensure a smooth and stress free visit while navigating our temporary parking disruptions.

For your information, the timeline of each phase and a facility map is below.

Phase 1 & 2 - Complete!

Phase 3: In Progress

This phase of the paving project will disrupt the remaining 50% of Lot A and the South Entrance driveway. The areas that are under construction are highlighted in yellow.

  • Phase 3 protocol will be as follows:
    • Lot A
      • Parking is permitted for patients and visitors only
      • There will be absolutely no access into the hospital parking lots through the South Entrance
      •  ‘Central Exit’ in Lot A, will be converted to an entrance and exit for patients and visitors only
      • Screening and entry for outpatients entering Lot A will be available
    • Lot B and C – No access due to construction of the South Entrance roadway
    • Lot D – Parking, entry and screening is permitted for staff and patients
    • Lot E, F, G – Parking is permitted for staff

IMPORTANT: The only way to access Lots D, E, F and G will be through the North Entrance. This includes patients entering the Outpatient Back Entrance, PBO Group and Glenridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

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