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Employee Spotlight - Meet Meagan

Posted May 17th, 2022 in Patient

Meet Meagan!

Meagan is a Physiotherapy Assistant in the Inpatient Ortho/Amp Pod on the 1 West Unit and she has been with Hotel Dieu Shaver for 14 years. When Meagan decided that she wanted to be a Physiotherapy Assistant, she knew she would be able to help people – the driving factor behind why she chose her profession.

Over the last 14 years at Hotel Dieu Shaver, Meagan considers herself incredibly grateful to have been able to work with so many patients, helping them return home or integrating them back into the community. Meagan defines her career as both exciting and rewarding. When asked about her most memorable patient moments she explains, “Listening to the lives my patients have led and hearing the stories they have to share is really something.”

When Meagan is not assisting patients at Hotel Dieu Shaver she spends her time hiking, exploring new restaurants in Niagara and her favourite, taking her daughters to the beach. Meagan and her husband are dedicated family members, hosting all of their family holidays, as they love to entertain!

Thank you Meagan for your commitment to our patients and for all that you do for HDS! 

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