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Employee Spotlight - Meet Chao Chien

Posted May 20th, 2022 in Patient

Meet Chao Chien!

Chao Chien, better known by her colleagues as Chien, is a Communication Disorder Assistant (CDA) in the Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Hotel Dieu Shaver and has been for 15 years. Because this profession can be challenging, Chien was motivated to follow her career path to becoming a CDA, allowing her the opportunity to give her patients the tools and guidance they need to communicate with others.

“Working as a CDA, you must be patient and compassionate as you assess what their needs are,” says Chien. “I have so many memorable moments with my patients, but my best memories are when they tell me they can hear again – that feeling of excitement for them never fades.”

Hotel Dieu Shaver’s Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic is an Outpatient service at the hospital; however, Chien has recently begun working with inpatients at Hotel Dieu Shaver as well. On a weekly basis, Chien will visit the inpatient units and provide a complimentary service for those who have a hearing device. Chien assists with cleaning, inspecting and providing minor repairs on patients’ hearing aids. “By offering this complimentary service to our patients, it ensures they can hear well, which optimizes their ability to fully participate in their rehabilitation and benefit from all aspects of the care they are receiving,” says Chien.

When Chien is not working with her patients, she enjoys watching movies with her friends and family. You can often find her visiting Niagara-on-the-Lake, as it is her favourite place to visit in Niagara. She enjoys spending time with family, especially at Christmas, where her family traditions involves playing games all night!

Thank you Chien for empowering our patients, because if they can hear well, they can live well!

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