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Hairdresser - Request for Proposal

Posted Aug 15th, 2022 in News

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre is seeking a Renter that wishes to enter into an agreement with the hospital for the purpose of providing hairdressing services to current patients on the premises at Hotel Dieu Shaver.

Number of Beds: 134

  • HDS will provide a room and utilities for the sole purpose of providing hairdressing during reasonable hours as mutually agreed upon.
  • The Hospital is requesting a rental fee per month, to be re-negotiated annually and to be paid at the first of every month.
  • The Renter must provide HDS with protocol for Infection Control and maintain a monthly checklist created by HDS.
  • The Renter must provide and maintain proper professional qualifications and license(s) and post a certificate(s) of such qualifications in the work area.
  • The Renter must maintain a safe and clean work area in conformity with all relevant standards.
  • The Renter must supply proof of appropriate level of professional liability insurance (as determined by the hospital) with hospital as cross-insured.
  • The Renter must sign a confidentiality agreement provided by HDS and strictly adhere to HDS and legislated confidentiality and privacy requirements.
  • The Renter must maintain all materials and equipment taken into and/or used in HDS in good and safe working order (i.e. razors, combs, brushes, linens).
  • The Renter may set fees to be charged to individual clients, but such fees, and any changes thereto, are subject to the approval of the hospital.
  • The Renter may set hours of operation, subject to the discussion and approval of the hospital.
  • All arrangements for payment for services provided by the Renter are strictly between the Renter and the individual clients, and HDS shall have no obligation or involvement in such payments.
  • The Renter must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and provide satisfactory proof, and maintain up-to-date with vaccine mandates. 
  • The Renter must provide the following services:
    • Men's & Women's Wash/Set
    • Men's & Women's Hairs Cuts

Any interested parties must inquire. Please contact:

Julie Marrone  |  Email

Director, Finance

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