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Employee Spotlight - Meet Joanna

Posted Apr 11th, 2024 in Patient

Meet Joanna!
Senior Pharmacist

Joanna’s journey with Hotel Dieu Shaver began in 2010 when she embarked on a pharmacy practice rotation during her final year at the University of Toronto. Initially drawn by the hospital’s patient-centered approach, Joanna transitioned from a casual pharmacist to a full-time role in 2014. In the fall of 2023, she embraced the position of Senior Pharmacist, marking a new chapter in her professional growth.

In her role, Joanna serves as the operational lead within the pharmacy department, donning various hats to ensure its smooth functioning. While continuing her clinical duties as the pharmacist for 1 East, she spearheads the implementation of new processes and oversees changes to existing procedures. Joanna's leadership extends beyond the pharmacy department, as she actively participates in hospital-wide committees such as the Stroke Distinction HDS working group and the Hospital Accreditation Canada committee.

Passionate about collaboration and advocacy, Joanna recently assumed the co-chair position for the Nursing and Pharmacy Council. This role fuels her excitement to foster improvements and promote the vital role of pharmacy in patient care. For Joanna, the power of pharmacy lies in its endless possibilities, evident in the profession's evolution to meet the evolving healthcare landscape. 

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Joanna celebrates the resilience and adaptability of pharmacy teams, particularly in their contributions to vaccination efforts and expanded prescribing capabilities.

“Pharmacy continues to work towards removing barriers that patients have in accessing health care,” says Joanna. “These changes help empower the pharmacy profession as a whole to practice to the full extent of our education and capabilities to improve patient care.”

Proud to be part of the exceptional Pharmacy Team at HDS, Joanna finds solace in working alongside dedicated colleagues committed to promoting patient safety. She highlights the department's adaptability to change, citing recent advancements such as automation packaging machines, electronic narcotic inventory systems, and the upcoming implementation of a paperless workflow with Cerner.

Looking ahead, Joanna and her team are excited about upcoming projects, with a particular focus on implementing a narcotic auditing and monitoring system poised to have a significant hospital-wide impact.

“I look optimistically towards the future and how pharmacy can continue to improve and support patient care not only at Hotel Dieu Shaver but across Canada.”

Joanna's unwavering dedication and passion for advancing pharmacy practice make her an invaluable asset to both Hotel Dieu Shaver and the broader healthcare community.

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