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Hotel Dieu Shaver Launches Kindness Rock Garden: A New Source of Joy and Strength

Posted May 23rd, 2024 in News

Photo: Michelle Publicover, Rehab Assistant and Project Lead for the Hotel Dieu Shaver Kindness Rock Garden, stands beside the Garden in front of the Dr. John T. Luce Inpatient Building 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a heartwarming and inspiring new initiative at Hotel Dieu Shaver: the Kindness Rock Garden. This beautiful project, spearheaded by Michelle Publicover, a dedicated Rehab Assistant, has already begun to touch the hearts of everyone involved.

The Kindness Rock Garden is more than just a collection of painted rocks; it’s a vibrant symbol of hope, resilience, and community. Patients at Hotel Dieu Shaver are taking part in this creative project, painting rocks with uplifting messages and colourful designs. These rocks are then placed in the garden, creating a visual tapestry of kindness and support for all to see.

A Therapeutic Endeavor

For our patients, participating in the Kindness Rock Garden project offers a unique and therapeutic outlet. Engaging in this creative activity allows them to momentarily set aside their illnesses and focus on something positive and uplifting. As they paint, they are reminded of their own strength and the joy they can bring to others, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Michelle Publicover, who leads this wonderful initiative, has seen firsthand the positive impact it has on our patients. "It's incredible to watch patients transform through this simple act of kindness. They not only get to express themselves creatively, but they also experience a sense of accomplishment and connection with others," she shares.

Spreading Joy and Encouragement

The Kindness Rock Garden is quickly becoming a beloved spot at Hotel Dieu Shaver. Each rock tells a story of hope and perseverance, serving as a reminder that no one is alone in their journey. Patients, visitors, and staff alike are invited to contribute to the garden, adding their own messages of encouragement and love.

Our Multimedia Department has been instrumental in bringing this project to life, ensuring that the garden continues to grow and inspire. Through this collaborative effort, we are fostering an environment where positivity and healing go hand in hand.

Join Us in Spreading Kindness

We invite everyone in the Hotel Dieu Shaver community to take part in this wonderful project. Whether you are a patient, family member, or staff, your contribution to the Kindness Rock Garden is a valuable part of our collective mission to spread joy and support each other.

Together, we can create a lasting legacy of kindness and strength. Come visit the Kindness Rock Garden, add your own painted rock, and be a part of this beautiful journey towards healing and happiness.

Let's keep spreading kindness, one rock at a time.

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