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Carpentry Program

What Patients are saying about our Carpentry Program!

"To be frank, I signed up for carpentry because I thought it would help kill time; but I found it was very effective therapy that complemented what I was doing in physio and OT.

The time I spent using the palm sander was probably the best single thing I did for my affected arm; it made me use my arm in a way that the other therapies didn't. Even just sitting on a stool was good for my back muscles.

Carpentry was also great for my state of mind. It really helped to get away from the hospital environment to something familiar. In addition, the volunteers made it a very enjoyable place to be.

I'm sure that looking at the cutting board I made will bring back pleasant memories in the future."

- Patrick Flanagan


Take a short tour through our Carpentry Shop

For more pictures and purchasing information of our unique boards, created and crafted by our patients, please go to our shop.