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Health Ethics

Our values, morals and beliefs shape the decisions we make about our health and the care we receive. Most often our choices are clear; however there are times when we feel unsure or have conflicting opinions from others involved in the decision. Health Ethics helps us to clarify our choices and make decisions through open and respectful discussions

An example of a decision with ethical implications could be related to:

  • One's abilities to make one's own decisions and the need for a substitute decision maker.
  • The use of tube feeding in the frail elderly.
  • Whether one should receive or refuse a specialized therapy or care.
  • Respectful approaches to end of life care.

Resources available to assist with ethical reflection and decision making are:

  • A conversation with your physician, nursing staff, or someone from Pastoral Services can help you clarify your values and choices.
  • The Health Ethics Guide of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada is available in print or at www.choac/ca/resources/ethics/ethicsguide_e.php
  • An Ethics Consultation Team can be called to meet with a patient and/or family to facilitate discussion and resolve a potential ethical dilemma or conflict. This resource is used only when there are significant unresolved differences in values and choices among all persons involved with a health care decision.
  • A Principle and Values Based Framework/Process for Ethical Decision Making is followed to resolve ethical conflicts.
  • A consultation can be arranged with the Director of Mission and Pastoral Services to talk in private at Ext. 84201.

Spiritual Dimension

Pastoral Services: For many people, spiritual and religious care is part of their everyday life; however, this awareness or need may intensify during a hospital admission. Pastoral Associates/Chaplains are committed to serving all patients, loved ones, staff and volunteers at Hotel Dieu Shaver regardless of faith or creed. As part of the healing process which complements your total care, a chaplain may assist with coping strategies and provide confidential counsel to those in distress as well as be available for prayer and rituals. You may contact a chaplain at ext. 84274 or simply ask your nurse to do so.

Worship Services: Roman Catholic Eucharist is celebrated in the chapel the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. and each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Interfaith Services are provided each Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in the Second Floor Dining Room. The Chapel is located on the Ground Floor and is open for quiet reflection and prayer. Kristen French Family Support Room

Kristen French Family Support Room

The Kristen French Family Support Room is location on the Ground Floor of the In-Patient Building near the ‘Dieu Drop-In Cafe’. The support room is available for patients, family, physicians and staff who need to confer in private. The room may be accessed through Switchboard at the main entrance.

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