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Temporary Visitation Suspension: 1 East

Posted Nov 13th, 2021 in News

*Updated November 15th - Public Health has declared the suspected COVID-19 outbreak over and 1 East is now open to visitors.

For up to date information on Hotel Dieu Shaver's visitation status and COVID-19 related information, visit our COVID-19 information page here

Please note: Public Health has declared a suspected COVID-19 outbreak on unit 1 East at Hotel Dieu Shaver. To ensure the safety of our staff, physicians and patients, as well as the public, we have temporarily suspended visitors onto unit 1 East at this time.

Hotel Dieu Shaver remains diligent in respecting our staff, physicians, patients and families, while aligning with our ongoing COVID-19 response. We are sincerely committed to providing the safest environment possible and are extremely grateful for the ongoing support.